Individual sessions

Therapy sessions will take place on a weekly basis at the same time each week and at the same location. There will be times when we are unwell or on holiday and need to miss sessions but this can be discussed in advance so that the we are both aware of the arrangements ongoing. There is no set time frame to the individual therapy sessions and they will continue until such time that you decide you no longer wish to attend but it is important to highlight that it is always a good idea to plan an ending in advance so that we can review the work that we have completed together. 

How much counselling you would like is up to you. Some people come for a few weeks. Others prefer to stay for longer. We will talk about this at the start of our work together and keep it under review as we go along.

Time limited therapy - Blocks of 10 or 12 sessions

Accessing therapy is a big commitment and is something that should be open to everyone regardless of finances, commitments or life pressures. People are busier than they ever have been and for this reason it is important to realise that not everyone can commit to weekly therapy sessions.

Currently I am offering time limited therapy sessions for 10-12 weeks which focusses on a specific issue that you are having difficulty with at the time, this could include anxiety relating to a specific life event or it may be a more general concern i.e. work, relationships or difficulty in making sense of life choices. Time limited counselling can be a good way to get 'unstuck' and to move you forward without the commitment of open ended therapy and this suits a lot of people. Time limited counselling can also be a good way of accessing support if time and money are restricted in some way.