Corporate counselling is offered to companies and businesses to improve staff motivation and morale as well as to improve the overall working environment. This service is also available to resolve staff conflict as well as for professionals who work in difficulty circumstances and who need someone to talk to i.e. Social Workers, Health professionals/front line staff as well as people working in fast paced high stress environments.

Having spent the past 20 years working in high stress face paced environments I have an understanding of the need for staff to look after themselves and for companies to promote health and wellbeing.  Often within Social Care and Social Work there are high levels of sickness and staff retention is often quite low as a result of staff becoming demotivated, burnt out and tired as they struggle to find balance in life due to ever increasing demands in the work place. 

Social Care staff and people in the caring professions are notoriously bad at self care and this is because of the fantasy that other people deserve to be looked after more than they do but it is this mentality that leads to ill health, stress, depression and fatigue, not a good recipe for caring.